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We are absolutely nuts

* Scarlet still thinks we need to have a SageCON, with Basement LARP
[MistressNaoko] ?
[Scarlet] LARP = Live Action Role Playing :)
[Ether{AFK}] Basement LARP would be porn.
[MistressNaoko] where?
[Ether{AFK}] And you perfectly know that.
[MistressNaoko] Tell you the truth
[Scarlet] Of course, that's half the fun :)
[MistressNaoko] the idea's been running in my head for quite sometime now
[leela1] interesting concept..
[MistressNaoko] was thinking of the logistics
[MistressNaoko] when, where and how
[Ether{AFK}] And I wouldn't be able to RP half of my chars because of the hair.
* Ether{AFK} has the Zero hair. Loves it.
[Ether{AFK}] Well, not that long, but it's slowly and surely getting there.
* MistressNaoko laughs
[MistressNaoko] imagine a sage con with ppl acting as their charries without the costumes
[MistressNaoko] and others have to guess who they are
[MistressNaoko] ^_^
* leela1 wouldn't play her char anyhow - she's just not that damned short
* Ether{AFK} would be recognized on the first three seconds.
[MistressNaoko] that's the beauty of it
[MistressNaoko] people have to guess who you are from your ACTIONS, not your costumes
[MistressNaoko] ^_^
[Ether{AFK}] See, I'm taller than all of my chars, and people would still recognize me.
[leela1] ...ummm, my luck isn't that bad?
[Ether{AFK}] Well... Except for Shredder.
[Ether{AFK}] But Shredder is a frigging tower!
[MistressNaoko] heh
[MistressNaoko] it's teh attitude and way of speaking, not the physical attributes
[Ether{AFK}] In a King-Kong LARP, Shredder would be the skyscraper!
[MistressNaoko] **the
[Ether{AFK}] In fact, I bet he was the one who played it in the movie.
[Novak{gone}] I need a tail. ][
* MistressNaoko giggles insanely
[Novak{gone}] And what happens if you play two characters?
[Ether{AFK}] MPD happens.
[Clair{lab}] Or 13?
[Novak{gone}] I mean, Hats would be with Yume and Mel-mun at Key, at the same time?
[Scarlet] You walk out of the room, then walk back in and act differently
[MistressNaoko] yup
[Novak{gone}] XD
[MistressNaoko] besides, the timeframe i was thinking was 2 weeks
[MistressNaoko] not a weekend or something
[MistressNaoko] ^_^
[Clair{lab}] And Basement gets it's own weekend.
[Novak{gone}] yes.
[MistressNaoko] pretty much
* MistressNaoko is feeling very bouncy
[Scarlet] We'd need a big green wine bottle though
[Scarlet] To match the comm icon
[Novak{gone}] I play two basement characters. ][. Two very different ones, heh.
[Novak{gone}] yes, [3.
[MistressNaoko] heheh
[Ether{AFK}] Yeah, the lesbottle.
[Clair{lab}] Of course. And a phallic chandelier.
[Scarlet] And teddy bear boxers
[Ether{AFK}] Or did it change the sexuality again?
* MistressNaoko is seriously thinking of writing an ACTUAL PR Prog for this
[MistressNaoko] ^_^
[Novak{gone}] =)
[Scarlet] I dunno... but we'd have to stock the fridge
[Ether{AFK}] Don't forget the HARBLmoon uniform.
[Scarlet] And slap a label on everything that reads "made with only the freshest fairy semen!"
[MistressNaoko] heheh
[Ether{AFK}] XD
[Clair{lab}] Basement = scary!love.
[Scarlet] What do you want to bet that after only 2 hours in the Basement, everybody would have HARBL written on their forehead?
* MistressNaoko laughs insanely
[Clair{lab}] Only if you fall asleep.
[leela1] *headpalm, nodding*
[Ether{AFK}] I wouldn't.
[Scarlet] I figured it would be dares
* MistressNaoko would skip work for it
[Ether{AFK}] You'd have to climb me to write that, and everyone is too lazy for it.
[Clair{lab}] That's actually the REASON I decided that Grue can't sleep.
* Ether{AFK} is 6'5".
[Scarlet] People WOULD be less brutal about them out of consideration for the fact that it's muns playing. But "I dare you to let me write HARBL on your forehead" could work
[MistressNaoko] i know someone around your height and she can probably do that
* leela1 is 6'1, but her son is taller
* Clair{lab} is5'6" but good at climbing.
* Ether{AFK} is doomed.
* MistressNaoko is surprised by what she started
* leela1 laughs
* Scarlet figures it don't matter how tall they are if you have 3 people glomp them and force them to their knees anyways
* MistressNaoko agrees with Scarlet
[Clair{lab}] Oh, that works better.
[Scarlet] When in doubt, glomp
* Novak{gone} is 5'4 and also doomed.
* Scarlet is 5'10
[Novak{gone}] I still think I needa tail.
* MistressNaoko glomps Novak, she's 5ft4
[Ether{AFK}] ...See, here comes my problem. "When in doubt, kill it with fire.".
* Novak{gone} is glomped, thud.
[Novak{gone}] iee.
[Ether{AFK}] I'd need to carry around a big bag with printed banners.
* Novak{gone} climbs on Scarlet.
[Clair{lab}] But it really is easy to climb people when you're all knees and elbows.
[MistressNaoko] heheh
[MistressNaoko] oh yes
[Scarlet] Easier to stay on them when they're as skinny as you are, too
[Clair{lab}] And weight nothing.. ],]
[MistressNaoko] heh
[Ether{AFK}] With one especially BIG one saying "KILL IT WITH FIRE!".
[Clair{lab}] *grins*
[Clair{lab}] Oh, Mel'mun'd have trouble. Her char speaks with thoughtbubbles.
* Novak{gone} would so give Hats a piggyback.
[Novak{gone}] XD
[Scarlet] Con Event: Hats Feeding! How much can YOU get her to eat? Winner gets the coveted HARBL Award
[Novak{gone}] Scarlet: YES.
* MistressNaoko giggles
[Novak{gone}] ^-^
[Clair{lab}] *facepalms and goes to hide in the Octojug*
[Scarlet] Solution for Mel
[Scarlet] She gets one of those small whiteboards and carries it with her
[Clair{lab}] Oh, that works.
* MistressNaoko laughs
[Clair{lab}] Or she translates everything through speaking Grue with Some.
[Clair{lab}] She can speak Grue, apparently.
* Scarlet tosses some OckDonalds into the jug
[Novak{gone}] No offence to JP's player, but I thoroughly do not want to be groped by him. *plays GC*
[MistressNaoko] sounds like an Anime con
[MistressNaoko] ^_^
[Clair{lab}] *snerk* Is JPs player a guy?
[Novak{gone}] I don't know.
[Novak{gone}] But I don't want be groped by her either.
[MistressNaoko] ^_^
[Clair{lab}] Lesseee. Not playing Russell at a con, HELL no.
[Novak{gone}] XD
[Novak{gone}] WIN.
* Novak{gone} would so harass her.
[Clair{lab}] Schedule: Run into Novak. Get pummelled. Get EATEN!
[Scarlet] The gender bending would be one of the more twisted parts
[Novak{gone}] I could run around with you on my back under as sheet saying I ate you.
[Novak{gone}] under a* sheet.
[Clair{lab}] ...... *sound of me laughing too hard to make sounds*
[MistressNaoko] heheh
* MistressNaoko can pass off as a guy, she's that thin
[Ether{AFK}] See, my easiest char to play would be Ether.
[Scarlet] Anime con? Reminds me of a couple girls I knew who went to one a while ago and made up some signs late one night - (Link:
[Clair{lab}] Same here. don't even have to strap down.
[Ether{AFK}] I'd just have to stand in the corner and brood like hell.
[Clair{lab}] That's AWESOME
[Scarlet] They got offers too!
[Ether{AFK}] Batmans of the con would be threatened by someone else occupying their Holy Place of Brood, but eh.
[MistressNaoko] no... ether'd have to follow leela around
[MistressNaoko] ^_^
[Scarlet] Holy shit...
[Scarlet] I just coughed
[MistressNaoko] ...?
* MistressNaoko ded from sign
[Scarlet] and now there's about 50 odd little floating sparklies swimming around my viosion
* MistressNaoko is worried
[MistressNaoko] ***for scarlet-mun
[Clair{lab}] Clair can't come if Otto doesn't, but Some'd so be there. Looking for a #3 and #4. You okay?
[Scarlet] And they're not going away... but they look damn trippy
[Ether{AFK}] If you go for that way, he'd have to follow Cronus around, as well.
[Scarlet] Oh I'm fine. I think it
[MistressNaoko] go rest, Scarlet
[leela1] no, that's just it - if he followed leela around, she couldn't get into any trouble.
[Scarlet] 's the late hour causing it
[Ether{AFK}] While Nova would hang on his arm, looking like a schoolgirl on a drug high.
[MistressNaoko] you need more rest
[Scarlet] Ether... if you have the Zero Hair, just play Zero!
[leela1] He has to stay in the corner and brood until it's too late and she's already gotten something messed up
[MistressNaoko] hmm...
[Scarlet] I'm not TIRED though Naoko. I've only been up for 12 hours
[MistressNaoko] and run like mad when we say "ETHER, LEELA'S HURT!"
[Novak{gone}] who would play prince albert. ][
[MistressNaoko] **to ether and leela
[Ether{AFK}] No! Even I can't brood like Zero!
[MistressNaoko] You sure, Scarlet?
[Scarlet] Who would play JP's T-Rex Slaying Cock?
[Ether{AFK}] Hell, noone can brood like Zero! Even Batman!
[Clair{lab}] Oh god. No. No one can play JP's penis.
[Scarlet] And who would play the T-Rex?
[MistressNaoko] so, jus sit in one corner and frown
[Novak{gone}] SOMEONE MUST.
[Novak{gone}] well, I was the T-Rex.
[MistressNaoko] ^_^
* Scarlet would play JP's Cock for shits and giggles
[Ether{AFK}] ...
[Novak{gone}] [3!
[Novak{gone}] It's a basement thing, ether.
* Ether{AFK} could always play Novak's favorite cucumber. But that would be too much.
* Novak{gone} HATED THAT CUCUMBER. ][
[Scarlet] I'd have to practice singing Every Sperm Is Sacred though, just for the effect
* Novak{gone} chokes on her raisin bran crunch.
[Ether{AFK}] Of course you did. :P
* MistressNaoko wishes someone would send her the log, trillian didn't log this yet
* Scarlet can do that
[Novak{gone}] DAMN ninja-cucumber.
[Clair{lab}] Pietro/Wanda'mun'd have an interesting time of it.
[MistressNaoko] thank you! *kisses scarlet*
[Novak{gone}] ....
[Scarlet] Oh man.......
[Novak{gone}] sponatenously t rying to hug and punch me. ][
[Scarlet] Have someone play BOB SAGET
[Clair{lab}] YES!
[Novak{gone}] AND TEH CABANA BOYS.
[Scarlet] And say hi to key
[MistressNaoko] wait, isn't he a live person?
[Clair{lab}] All of 'em?
[Novak{gone}] well, we'd only really need oen person, as they are a collective.
[Scarlet] Bob Saget is a live person
[Clair{lab}] Yes, but so is Cillian Murphy. Different rules in the basement.
[Novak{gone}] well, so is Cillian Murphy.
[Scarlet] It's just a Key specific reference
[Scarlet] Same with George Zimmer
[MistressNaoko] I see
[MistressNaoko] wiki had a link on them
[MistressNaoko] ^_^
[Scarlet] I guarantee it!
[Ether{AFK}] Come to think of it.
[Novak{gone}] XD
[Ether{AFK}] I could bring a toaster.
[MistressNaoko] yes Ether?
[Novak{gone}] Ether do you play a character in teh basement?
[MistressNaoko] ...
[Scarlet] Toaster?
* MistressNaoko ded from laughter
[Ether{AFK}] And stick a mangled Playboy magazine into it.
[Scarlet] You'd have to give that to Ora
[Ether{AFK}] Only sometimes. I meant the other toaster.
* Novak{gone} wonders if Ether knows what the hell they're talking about.
[Ether{AFK}] I meant the Gutter. ;D
* MistressNaoko still ded
[Novak{gone}] XD
[Novak{gone}] do NOT play the gutter.
[Ether{AFK}] Why not?! XD
[Novak{gone}] Wear a mask made of porn magazines.
[Ether{AFK}] I should totally bring the Gutter into the basement sometime. XD
[Novak{gone}] you know, plaster of paris'd.
* MistressNaoko more ded than ever
[Scarlet] No, that would be Palmer after I pull the prank I plan on him
[Ether{AFK}] When it's active! XD
[Novak{gone}] XD
[MistressNaoko] XD
[Novak{gone}] we are having way too much fun with this
* Scarlet has one of Alpha's wacky pills and is going to slip it to Palmer
[Novak{gone}] CHICKEN SOUP DEMON win.
[Scarlet] Turns the victim into a Porn Elemental for 3 hours
[Novak{gone}] oh god.
[MistressNaoko] ...!!!
[Ether{AFK}] ...Oh my.
* Ether{AFK} will probably try to bring the Gutter sometime tomorrow.
[Scarlet] I've just been waiting for a good day to use it
[MistressNaoko] you're scary, scarlet
[Scarlet] Don't blame me entirely
[Scarlet] Blame Alpha!
[Scarlet] He truthed me, asked who I wanted to prank the most. I answered. Then he offered me the pills to use in order to prank him...
[Scarlet] How could I say no?
[Clair{lab}] We can't blame Alpha for everything that's his fault, it'd get boring.
[Novak{gone}] that's a point.
[Scarlet] Fine, blame JP
[MistressNaoko] ^_^
[Novak{gone}] woot.
[Novak{gone}] and Zhilbar would hit on everyone in sight.
[Scarlet] OK... contests. The Feed Hats Contest... Basement Make Outathon... Sanctuary Elder God Speed Invoking, Worst Dare, most DRAMUH...
[Scarlet] No award for the best brooder. We wouldn't even notice them
[MistressNaoko] Most Angst and WANGSTY?
[Scarlet] The Angst, Wangst and Dramuh Triathalon!
* MistressNaoko claps
[MistressNaoko] I'm so going to write that when I get the logs
[MistressNaoko] i mean write a proposal
[MistressNaoko] ^_^
[Novak{gone}] worst angst.
[Novak{gone}] worse wangst*
[MistressNaoko] yes!!
[Scarlet] And we somehow have to rig the lights on a remote control
[Clair{lab}] I get best angst. Thpppt.
[Ether{AFK}] Zhilbar is lucky, actually. ].]
[Ether{AFK}] He hit on Cronus when Ether wasn't around.
[Scarlet] Hats gets the remote, so Some can turn off the lights
[Novak{gone}] yes.
[Scarlet] And then we have the Mad Flee The Grue Dash
[Novak{gone}] in potato sacks.
[MistressNaoko] heh
[MistressNaoko] o_O
[Scarlet] Potato sacks?
[Novak{gone}] yeah. it'd be like sack races.
[Scarlet] I thought grues didn't go for packaged foods
[Novak{gone}] only with an angry grue behind you.
[Clair{lab}] *snerk*
[leela1] *snicker*
[Novak{gone}] hehe..
[Scarlet] I think this whole discussion proves one thing
[leela1] *waiting*
[Scarlet] Individually, we're fairly scary demented people. Taken together, we're loonier than Arkham Asylum
[Novak{gone}] that we needs lives.
[Novak{gone}] XD win.
[leela1] yea, that too
[MistressNaoko] yup
[MistressNaoko] BRB...
[MistressNaoko] Watching sister act 2!
[Scarlet] Event: Paintball (or lazer tag) with Frank
[Ether{AFK}] If an OOC community for Sages will ever be made, I vote for calling it lifeisoverrated.
[Novak{gone}] realityisoverrated is better.
[Scarlet] Too long
[Scarlet] Name limit - 15 chars
[Scarlet] lifeisoverrated is 15 exactly
[Novak{gone}] damn.
[Scarlet] And lifeisoverrated is taken already
[Clair{lab}] Life_overrated
[leela1] itsalloverrated?
*** Signoff: Ether{AFK} (Exit: )
[Novak{gone}] overrated_life
[Scarlet] Bingo.
[Scarlet] "The username whoneedsreality is not currently registered."
[Novak{gone}] w00t!
[MistressNaoko] PLEASE DO!!!
[MistressNaoko] :)
*** Ether{AFK} ( has joined channel #sagesooc
[Novak{gone}] and we could all be mods. [3.
[Scarlet] Am I making this comm now, then?
[Clair{lab}] We SHOULD all be on meds.
[Ether{AFK}] My net hates me.
[Clair{lab}] Dunno.
[Novak{gone}] just do it to steal the name.
[leela1] take the name now while you can
[Ether{AFK}] ...My last message went through, I take it.
[Scarlet] Done.
[MistressNaoko] YESYESYES!! *Kisses Sacrlet again*
* leela1 hugs scarlet
[leela1] Ether? *snicker* That means yes
[MistressNaoko] yes ether
[Ether{AFK}] I'm sad that lifeisoverrated is taken, though. :X
[Ether{AFK}] Oh, well.
[MistressNaoko] it's whoneedsreality
[MistressNaoko] BTW, shall we post this log as it's first post?
[leela1] May as well
[Novak{gone}] Yes.
[Novak{gone}] [3
* MistressNaoko grins
[Scarlet] Any suggestions for missing interests? [[font lang="
[Scarlet] Bah.
[Scarlet] (Link:
[Novak{gone}] Virtual reality, sages of chaos, the nexus, hiding from real life, computers
[MistressNaoko] Role-playing
[MistressNaoko] multiple personality disorders
[Clair{lab}] nocturnal
[MistressNaoko] up all hours
[Clair{lab}] pups, muns, addiction
[Mereii] unlikely meetings
[MistressNaoko] insanity unchecked
[Clair{lab}] tentacles
[Ether{AFK}] octo-clones
[Clair{lab}] ^,^;
[Ether{AFK}] Nonono.
[Clair{lab}] multiverse
[Ether{AFK}] otto-pi
[Ether{AFK}] Here.
[leela1] chaos
[Clair{lab}] surreality
[Mereii] talking cats
[Clair{lab}] DDR
[Ether{AFK}] sunnydale !
* Scarlet adds most of these, plus penis and sunrises
[Clair{lab}] sunnydaleks
[Ether{AFK}] Yes, that.
[Novak{gone}] the basement
* Scarlet adds Sunnydale AND Reploids
[Novak{gone}] spin the bottle, truth or dare
[Novak{gone}] vampires!
[leela1] cool
[leela1] lycans
[Novak{gone}] lizardman, grues, mutants
[Novak{gone}] sentient shadows
[Scarlet] Grues were on the list already :p
[Scarlet] And mutants
[Ether{AFK}] reploids :P
[Clair{lab}] sentient everything, really.
[leela1] deities
[Ether{AFK}] It's nothing without reploids, considering that when together, they take over half of the Nexus. :P
[leela1] bah
[MistressNaoko] heheh
[Scarlet] Up to 63 interests
* Ether{AFK} still wonders if Anakins turn into Captain Vader if combined.
* MistressNaoko brain is now broken, "Thank you ether"
* Scarlet has a sudden realization
[Clair{lab}] vorpal bokken.
[leela1] madmen
[Novak{gone}] mad scientists
[Scarlet] You all are teh suk! You forgot the most OBVIOUS thing that belongs on the list!
* Ether{AFK} considers throwing them all into a mixer and starting it up to check.
[Ether{AFK}] kill it with fire!
[Novak{gone}] what?
[Ether{AFK}] Add that.
[Scarlet] "fangirls"
[Novak{gone}] XD
[leela1] YES
[Novak{gone}] sparkles!
[Clair{lab}] OF COURSE
[Mereii] huzzah!
[MistressNaoko] YESYESYES!!!!
[leela1] HELL YES
[Novak{gone}] BARNEY. ][
[leela1] oooh
[leela1] owie
[MistressNaoko] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!1
[Ether{AFK}] ...No Barney on interests.
* MistressNaoko runs
[Ether{AFK}] We may end up invoking him.
[Ether{AFK}] ...Again.
[leela1] Shhh, not so loud
[MistressNaoko] NOOOO!
[Ether{AFK}] Bah.
* MistressNaoko cries and clings to scarlet
[Novak{gone}] do we have sex?
[Ether{AFK}] We can always blame it on Greg, since he was the one to invoke it the first time. ].]
[leela1] *shudders, remembering last time*
[Novak{gone}] and hot springs and the lounge.
[MistressNaoko] I thought I was the first one... BUT NEVER MIND!!
[leela1] What else can we blame on Greg?
[Novak{gone}] and INVOCATION FIELDS
[Ether{AFK}] . . .
[MistressNaoko] YES!!
[Ether{AFK}] blaming it on greg
[Novak{gone}] XD
[Novak{gone}] that's an interest int he _basement com
[MistressNaoko] Organizational Entities
[Clair{lab}] And convocation fields, provocation fields...
[Novak{gone}] "teasing greg"
[leela1] *nods*
* Scarlet adds Gender Bending
[Ether{AFK}] XD
[MistressNaoko] XD
[Clair{lab}] gay hair
[Novak{gone}] wacky pills?
[Ether{AFK}] But "blaming it on greg" is such a multi-purpose device. XD
[Novak{gone}] YES.
[Novak{gone}] GERG'S HAIR
[Novak{gone}] greg*
[Novak{gone}] and gay movie stars.]]
[Novak{gone}] [[
[Novak{gone}] and booze
[leela1] robot hoovers?
* MistressNaoko giggles insanely, she's off to bed in 10 mins, BTW
[Novak{gone}] .....bzuh?
[Scarlet] Already have alcohol AND amtrak
[Novak{gone}] do you have gay movie stars?
* MistressNaoko kisses scarlet, "Love you"
* Scarlet adds two JUST FOR KEY
* Novak{gone} won't mention which. ]]
[Novak{gone}] [[
[Ether{AFK}] You added "kill it with fire!", right? :D
[Novak{gone}] and cabana boys?
[leela1] writing in CAPS?
* Scarlet smooches Naoko
[Scarlet] Love you too gorgeous ;)
[Ether{AFK}] harbl
[Ether{AFK}] sailor sumos
[Scarlet] For Key: vibrating robo-peen, bob saget
[Novak{gone}] YES ADD HARBL
[Novak{gone}] XD
[Scarlet] Yes, kill it with fire
[Scarlet] And harbl
[MistressNaoko] heh
[MistressNaoko] sailor sumos?
[Ether{AFK}] Add exclamation in the end of "kill it with fire!", btw. Then it'll actually be on two interests - X has it, as well.
[Ether{AFK}] Ashu does too, though.
[MistressNaoko] LOL!
[Scarlet] (Link: - updated again (adding the ! now)
[leela1] lycans or were-beasts?
[Novak{gone}] ooc liek whut XD
[Novak{gone}] fairy semen XD
[MistressNaoko] Lol!
[Clair{lab}] threesomes
[Novak{gone}] I DON'T SEE LIZARDMAN grr.
[MistressNaoko] o_O
[Novak{gone}] harbl XD
[Novak{gone}] ^-^
[Scarlet] Adding lizardmen :p
[Ether{AFK}] ...
[Ether{AFK}] gutter
[Scarlet] Notice the only one that starts with J?
[Ether{AFK}] Add the gutter.
[Scarlet] Done, and 4chan
[Ether{AFK}] Yes, 4chan.
[Ether{AFK}] BTW, 4chan is the only comm that shares "harbl" with us as an interest.
[Novak{gone}] XD
[leela1] purple hair
[MistressNaoko] o_O
[Novak{gone}] xmen
[MistressNaoko] the kitchen sink?
[Novak{gone}] cucumbers!
[Scarlet] This interest list is halfway between a Basement interest list and a Sages OOC list
[leela1] Evil cucumbers
[Novak{gone}] and chicken soup demons.
* MistressNaoko giggles
[leela1] heh
[Novak{gone}] evil NINJA cucumbers
* Scarlet settles for evil food
[leela1] you're right
[Clair{lab}] Endless
* MistressNaoko hugs and kisses everyone
* Novak{gone} [3 Naoko.
[leela1] Night Naoko!
[MistressNaoko] i'm off to bed, so whoever wants can put this log up
[MistressNaoko] NIGHT!! :)
[Scarlet] I shall
[leela1] She shall
* MistressNaoko blows a kiss to scarlet
[Ether{AFK}] Night, Naoko.
[Mereii] 'night ma'am.
[Scarlet] Updated
[Scarlet] Check out the first 2 :)
[MistressNaoko] BTW, Leela, left a present for you in the garden, you might want to check it out
[MistressNaoko] Night
[MistressNaoko] :)
*** MistressNaoko has left #sagesooc
[Ether{AFK}] ... XD
[Ether{AFK}] (( and )) . XD
[Clair{lab}] *dies*
[Ether{AFK}] chicken soup demon
[Scarlet] That falls under Evil Food
[Ether{AFK}] Aw.
[Ether{AFK}] worm... Aw, to the hell with it.
* Scarlet never say the chicken soup demon anyways
[Novak{gone}] make sure you have XD as an interet
[Novak{gone}] XD
[leela1] possessed tequila?
[Ether{AFK}] kitchen
[Novak{gone}] evil fridges
*** Mask_of_Scarab ( has joined channel #sagesooc
[Novak{gone}] hey MoS.
[leela1] Hello
[leela1] sentient death stars?
[Clair{lab}] We now have an OOC comm.
[Novak{gone}] interests = win
[Scarlet] Novak, look at the (just added) interest after Nexus tales
[Novak{gone}] sleep deprivation ^^
[Novak{gone}] XD
[Novak{gone}] SHUT UP YOU
[Novak{gone}] WIN, SCARLET.
[Novak{gone}] *puts that as one of his own interests*

Your mods are nthelizard, metal_justice, ockette and myself.
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